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We don’t just cover Woking, Man and Van services also cover Knaphill, Brookwood, Horsell, Goldsworth Park, Barnsbury, Mayford, Kingfield, Old Woking, Sheerwater, KnapHill, Sunningdale, Ascot, Ottershaw, BrookWood, Horsell Common and St John’s. At Man and Van Woking, we make moving stress free.

About Man and Van Woking

We have many years’ experience in moving people belongings, and we are highly experienced in the removals business. Man and Van Woking also move small items for example a single arm chair, bed or desk. You might be moving long distance or around the corner, whatever your moving needs, we are here can help.

Man and Van Horsell near Woking, take on all types of projects and moves, room move, flat moves, small, office moves small large jobs are no problem. Our highly experienced teams will make sure your move is as comfortable and stress free as possible. Man and Van Woking have great reviews, and you won’t be disappointed.

We are cheap, friendly, reliable and professional at all times. When ever your looking for a Man and Van in Woking  or Knaphill, we are available 7 days a week and we don’t charge extra for weekends or evenings.

Why are Man and Van Woking so cheap?

We are a small and run Man and Van business, we don’t spend lots of money on flash offices and parking yards, nor are we vat registered. We have regular customers and contracts, such as charity shops and furniture stores and have been working for them for many years. We know how to save money, and the money we save is passed on to our customers.

The money we save doesn’t affect the quality of service to you. Man and Van Woking and Knaphill love providing our customers the best possible service for the best possible price. Man and Van Woking offer self-loading, this means you load your own items without the help of the driver. This is offered at £34 per hour minimum 2 hours. if you want to save some money by loading and unloading your goods.

What Shall I Do With Unwanted Furniture?

Instead of tipping your unwanted furniture, there might be someone out there that could put it to good use. You could sell them on Gum Tree, or there are a number of charity shops in Woking that would welcome your furniture, and some charity’s will even offer a Man and Van collection service. Woking Hospice is one of many charity shops in Woking that take 2nd hand furniture they are at 2 Commercial Way, Woking GU21 6ET.

What areas do Man and Van Woking Cover?

Remember, Man and Van Woking also cover the following areas Goldsworth Park, Send, Ripley, Byfleet, Chobham, Bisley, Pirbright, Sunningdale, KnapHill, Barnsbury, Mayford, Ottershaw, Kingfield, Old Woking, Maybury, Sheerwater, Brookwood, Horsell and St John’s.

Top Tips on Moving by Man and Van Woking

Are Boxes The Best Way To Move and Transport Your Items?

Yes, the best way to move your belongings is to use boxes, and lots of them. Never over fill your boxes and don’t make them to heavy, heavy boxes are awkward to move and you could injure yourself. The general guideline for lifting objects for men is 22 to 25k, and for a woman it is 13 to 16k. Where can I obtain boxes in Woking or Horsell? Lucaspack do a wide verity of all shapes and sizes, they are located at 19 Trenance, Woking, Surrey, GU21 3LR. Man and Van Woking and Horsell also offer a packing service.

Tips for Packing Dishes and Other Glassware

  1. Mark the boxes or box as fragile, this will help your Man and Van to be extra careful when moving boxes.
  2. Write s brief description of the contents inside the box, and mark the up-side.
  3. Form a 2” layer at the bottom of the box with scrunched newspaper, apply this method to the top and sides.
  4. Stack plates vertically, never stack plates on top of one and other. 
  5. Wrap each item individually, such as dishes, cups or china. Bubble wrap is probably your best option.

Mark The Boxes On The Top and Side

Mark all boxes boldly with felt tip pen, preferable on the top side. Also mark with a brief description of what inside the box, this will make it easier and quicker for Man and Van Woking and Knaphill when unloading. Use sturdy ribbed cardboard boxes if possible, particularly for more breakable items, smaller boxes should be used for heavy items. Ensure you use packing tape, you can purchase inexpensive packing tape at Pound Land  Unit 17, Brandstand Mall Peakcocks Shopping Centre, Woking GU21 6GH.

Up-Date Your New Address Details 

Don’t forget to change your address details with banks, Man and Van Woking recommend you contact your insurance companies, energy suppliers and the Council etc. if you’re moving to Woking, you will need to contact Woking Borough Council, and visit woking.gov.uk. You can a find relevant forms on line to up-date and make changes.

How To Transport Plates And Breakables?

To carefully transport your dishes, cups and saucers or any other dinnerware, you can purchase special dish packing kits, also known as Dish pack. They are made with superior cushioning and designed to protect your breakables. Man and Van Woking and Knaphill, do offer a packing service at a additional charge.

If you decide to use standard boxes to pack your tableware, fill the bottom of the box with a few layers of firmly crumpled paper. Wrap the breakables with packing paper, plates should be packed in rows, in between the plates fill with scrunched paper. If packing your breakables is not your thing ask Man and Van Woking for a competitive quote.

How Transport Flat TV screens?

Your local Man and Van Woking services will advice, if possible, use the original cardboard box your TV came in, Use bubble wrap and fill the gaps between the TV and box. If you no longer have the original box, find a different box and customise it as near as possible as the original box. For extra protection wrap soft blankets around the TV. This method applies to computers or any other screens.

How To Transport Mattresses?

Top tips from Man and Van near Woking on moving a mattresses. Place the mattress in to a heavy duty plastic mattress storage bag, you can find these from a specialised furniture bed stores. These polythene mattress bags, come in 200, 300 and 400 gauge. Tape the protector’s ends seal with packing tape, some of the posh mattress protectors have zips. Standard protectors can be purchased in most bedding stores in Woking.

How to Transport Bed Frames?

Once the mattress has been protected and ready to move, it’s time to take apart the bed frame. Place the nuts, bolts and screws in to a plastic bag and tape the bag to the bed frame. If you are unsure about reassembling the bed, its always a good idea to photograph or video whilst you are dissembling the bed, this will make it easier when putting the bed back together.

How to Transport a Wardrobe?

Most wardrobes are heavy, and awkward to move. If its to heavy and awkward, Man and Van Woking recommend you dismantle the wardrobe. Keep all the screws and fixings, and place them in a plastic zip bag and tape them on to the wardrobe. Wrap the Wardrobe parts with a moving blanket, wrap mirror parts with bubble wrap and wrap them in a protective moving blanket. For smaller wardrobes, you might want to move it in one go. Man with a Van Woking, do offer a dismantling service at an extra cost.

How to Transport Large Sofas?

Firstly, remove the back pillows and the top cushions, give it a wipe down and hoover clean. Removing the pillows and cushions, make the sofa a lot lighter, making it east to move. Put down a dust sheet, and turn the sofa on its back. disengage the screws that hold the legs in place, you will need a screwdriver or an Allen key. Removing the legs will limit damage to your property and it will make it easier to get through doorways and hallways. Man and Van Woking, do offer a disassemble and reassemble service at an extra cost.

Get Rid of Stuff You No Longer Need

Get shot of stuff you no longer need, you will need as much space as possible at your new home. Take them to a charity shop in Woking, Horsell, Maybury, Brookwood, Sunningdale or sell them on Ebay. Make a fresh start.

Looking for a Decent Man and Van in Woking or Horsell?

Looking for the best Man and Van Horsell an Woking? If you’re searching on the net for a good Man and Van  firm in the Woking area, start by checking their rates, most man with a van firms offer a fixed price, self-loading and hourly rates. Write down a list of items you want transported, this information is calculated so man with a Van can give you a precise quote.

Don’t Leave Packing until the Last Minute 

Don’t leave packing until the last minute, pack and prepare at least three days before your moving day. Packing on the day you move can complicate things, preparation is key for a smooth stress-free move. Man and Van Woking recommends that you don’t over fill boxes and don’t use flimsy cheap boxes, these are likely to fall apart. Always mark and label boxes. Should you use a professional removals company or a man and van in Woking? Man and van is a cheaper alternative way to move.

What are Man and Van Woking charges?

Its calculated on volume and weight, If for example you are wanting a small items moved from Horsell to Woking, the likely charge would be small. Many Van with a Van services in Woking charge by the hour or a fixed price, the most popular way to hire a Man with a Van is a fixed prices, that way everyone knows the final bill.

Office Moves in Woking

Our man and Van office moves in Woking offer the complete package, from a small office to large moves is no problem to man and van Woking. We can disassemble your office furniture or pick up and deliver to your chosen location, the choice is yours. All your office furniture will be protected with moving blankets and handled to the utmost care and attention. Moving your office furniture and busines business can be a very demanding experience but our expert office removals teams in Woking will take care of everything in a workman like manner .

Flat Moves in Woking.

We all know how stressful in can be when moving home, the key to a stress free flat move is planning and do this well in advance. Lack of pre-planning your move can result in your belonging being packed in a disorderly manor, the result can be chaos when you move into your new home.

The man and Van Team in Woking have established a removals service with the customer in mind. We have successfully completed hundreds of Man and Van flat moves in Woking over the years.

We take great pride in delivering an efficient and reliable flat removal service, so let us take care of your belongings and take the stress out of your London flat move. There are some simple steps to a stress-free home move with our Woking Team. Call us to today and talk to our friendly  man and Van team in Woking for a stress free move.

Safety tips

  1. Even the fittest and strongest should take care when lifting heavy items, the main things to remember when lifting is bend your legs and keep heavy object close to your body. Do not stoop or bend your back, let your legs take the wieght.
  2. Wear suitable clothing and footwear, tracksuits and steel toe-caps are a good start. No need to wear your best clobber.


  1. As soon as you get your moving date, start boxing and packing. If you’re struggling to get suitable boxes, call your nearest self-storage company or go on line and google Packaging Solutions Woking, they can offer a quick reliable solution for your boxing needs
  2. Get rid of stuff you no-longer need, If you no longer use something, you’re probably not going use it in the future. Sell on ebay, take it to a car boot or donate it to charity.
  3. When packing boxes, write on each box in bold felt tip to which room the box is to go into.

Extras that will Attract Additional Costs:

If you require man and Van Woking to pack and box your items, this will attract an extra cost. Packing is time consuming. Supplying packing materials are also added to the estimate, Man and Van firms charge extra for, bubble wrap, boxing tape and shrink wrap. Bed, wardrobe, sofa etc that need disassembly and re-assembled are charged extra. Stairs ways can add significant costs to your move. Man and Van Woking charge an extra fee for stairs, this will depend on how many flights, steps and turns.

Why Should i use Man and Van Woking?

If you need a professional Man with a Van in Woking swiftly, get in touch for a fee quote. We Are extremely able and proficient in what we do, Man and Van Woking is your best ever move. Man and Van Woking offer same day moves and emergencies, our expert Man with a Van Crew will get you moving fast. You won’t find a cheaper man and Van service in Woking, we are well-mannered, cheap, dependable and very professional.

Should i use a Man and Van Service or a Professional Moving company?

When deciding when to move from Woking, there are several options you can choose when transporting your belongings. The most popular way to move is to use a Man and Van service, man and van option is ideal for room moves, student moves, bedsit moves 1 bed flat moves up to 2 and 3 bed house moves, any bigger than 3 bedroom house, it might be worth using a professional moving company in Woking, moving companies usually use large lorry’s, but thire fees are much higher. If you are unsure what to do, give man and Van Woking a call, and our professional team will be more than happy to help.

Moving to Horsell?

Horsell is a Borough of Woking and is considered a very attractive place to live, and if you are considering moving to Horsell, Man and Van Horsell will help you move. It has a beautiful small village with local shops and pubs, with  school nearby. The Red pub in Horsell is a terrific place for nights out, the Cricketers pub is close by and equally a good night out. Horsell Common is a stone’s throw away, and if you like hiking, wildlife or you have dogs, this will be a big bonus! Close by to Horsell, is Woking Town, Woking is a bustling town with plenty of things to do.

Moving to Knaphill?

Man and Van Knaphill: Knaphiil is a urban village with a population of around 10.000, Knaphill is a district of Woking in Surrey, and borders on to Brookwood and Bisley. Much of the of the village is set on a Hill, hence the name Knaphill. It has a miniature rail track called Mizens Railway, a great place for a day out for all ages. Knaphill also has some great pubs and local schools are nearby, and has a local football team.

Moving to Brookwood?

Man and Van Brookwood: Brookwood is small urban village with a small population of around 4000 people, Brookwood is in Surrey, England and is about 3 miles from Woking. Brookwood is set in a semi-rural woodland. It lies on the west border of Woking Borough. A small part of the village over laps into the Guildford Borough.

Man and Van House Clearance Woking and Horsell

De-cluttering? Clear out? Bereavement? Whatever your reasons, when you need affordable Man and Van for house clearance services in Woking and Knaphill, call our Man and Van house clearance and removals experts in Woking.

We deal with all types of waste removals and house clearance, both domestic and commercial, from big clearance projects to smaller clear outs in Woking and Brookwood.

Man and Van Woking and Goldsworth Park deal with general junk, garage clearance, shop clearance, loft clearance, garden waste, office clearance and other rubbish removals. Whether it’s clearance, house removals from a major refurbishment or a spring clean to make the place cluttered free, Man and Van Woking and Sheerwater can help.

Call Man and Van Woking and Horsell for removals and House Clearance today and tell us the details of your clearance job and we’ll give you an instant estimate free of charge.

We are committed to providing a fast, effective Man and Van service in Woking and Knaphill, with excellent customer care. Our Woking team of house clearance staff will handle your rubbish with care to ensure that when we leave, your property is left in tip-top condition when we leave.

Man and Van Woking clear household rubbish and commercial waste responsibly and wherever possible, we will recycle your waste items, including all white goods and house hold goods Maybury.

Being a local based firm in Woking and Horsell, our Van and Man team can often come out within days or sooner. We work quickly to minimise disruption to your property and we can also handle sensitive documents, disposing of them appropriately.

For affordable Man and Van in Woking, Horsell, Maybury, Brookwood, Goldsworth Park, Old Woking  and house clearance, you can relax and leave it in the hands of our rubbish disposal experts.

Let us do the hard work – call Man and Van House Clearance Woking to speak to a house clearance team today.

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